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Welcome to the XS Martial Arts Dojo

"Where Discipline is # 1"

What does every champion in life have in common? Discipline. The Discipline to say NO to drugs. The Discipline to stand up to BULLIES. The Discipline to stand up for their friends and family. The Discipline to work hard and not give up. Every day here at XS Martial Arts Dojo we instill this belief of "Discipline is # 1" into the heart of our students. Once they accept the philosophy into their hearts they will apply it everywhere, at home, at school, and into the community. Our students get better grades in school. Our students have more respect for their parents and teachers. Our students understand what it takes to be CHAMPIONS IN LIFE!

 and Safety and Fun are a close 2nd...

The safety of the students are kept at a high level. We have age specific classes that is broken down by skill level and the students are never asked to put themselves in dangerous situations. Learning has to be fun or else it won't be retained. We make sure our classes are high energy and fun for all ages. We strive for our students to leave the school smiling, sweating and learning something new each day.  

Everyone is a winner at XS MAD


Martial Arts After School Program


After School Program will begin 8/11


We have been providing the leading standard of martial arts instruction in New Orleans for over 10 years and we offer a unique transported after school martial arts program!

We transport students from their school to ours.   When students arrive at our school, they will have time to spend in our after school room where students have the opportunity to work on their homework and other constructive activities before their class starts.  When class starts, students are geared up in their uniforms and participate in a 45-minute martial arts class.  These classes are structured to build character development daily emphasizing on Discipline, Respect, Honor and Self-Control. Parents can be reassured their children are being supervised and protected by highly qualified staff at all times until parents pick them up.
When you do pick up your child daily from the program, they will have completed their martial arts class, worked on homework, and are ready to spend some quality family time with you.
Our after school program is designed for children grades Kindergarten through 8th grade. It’s a constructive alternative to daycare designed for working parents with young children that need a safe and fun place to go after school. We are NOT a daycare.  Contact us at 504-558-9850 to discuss more benefits of the program.

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Women's Self Defense

Imagine a woman yelling “No,” stomping on the foot of a man who grabbed her from behind, and then getting to safety. Imagine a teenage girl being taunted by older boys as she walks home from school. Imagine her assessing that they pose no danger and then continuing to walk confidently and with awareness, knowing she does not need to yell back to be safe. Imagine a mother with her two children being approached aggressively by a man screaming words in English she does not understand. Imagine her standing strong and repeatedly yelling, until he runs away. Imagine a teenager leaving a party because the boy hosting the party insists she take a drink of his special brew. XS Martial Arts Dojo is providing women and girls the opportunity to learn skills to turn these images into reality.

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Get Ready to BURN!!!

A work out that combines kickboxing, cardiovascular and body toning while learning self defense tactics. Improve strength, muscle tone, and endurance. Reduce body fat and stress levels. Classes are set to music to enhance student enjoyment, timing and rhythm. Depending on your physical ability, you choose whether the class will be high impact, low impact or circuit training. Cardio-Kickboxing classes combine kickboxing and karate skills with exercise to provide a unique combination of flexibility, strength, endurance, and cardiovascular exercise with the added benefit of self defense skills. It is a high energy workout where the body and the mind must work as one. Many participants have found the techniques of kickboxing to build confidence, self-esteem, self control, a positive mental attitude, endurance, toning, muscle building stress reduction, and weight management through a total body and mind and spiritual workout.

Get in shape with the best cardio kickboxing! You’ll work your legs, arms, abs, and heart.

And you’ll have fun doing it.

Class Schedule

Tuesday – 8pm – 8:45pm

Wednesday – 8pm – 8:45pm

Thursday – 8pm – 8:45pm


Our school offers:

1. Monday through Saturday classes and great parking

2. A professional, clean and safe training environment

3. Tons of fun! From Birthday Parties to Sleepovers

4. A kids’ curriculum

5. An adult  ONLY Self Defense & Fitness / Cardio Program

Sensei Horne was recognized by Channel 4 for his hard work and dedication. He has been a driving force and an inspiration to many you people in the Greater New Orleans Area, click below to view the video.