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Adult Classes


We offer one-on-one training for those seeking a more individualized program for their physical and mental health goals. Whether you’re simply looking to get in better shape or interested in competing in the combative arena, we invite you to consider our tailored private training coursework. A phone consultation or visit to our facility will provide a look into the XS MAD experience, showcasing our expert-led curriculum in action.

Please call the dojo at 504-558-9850 to inquire about our current weekly class schedule for those 18 years of age and older.


Our MA-KIBO-KARATE-DO® system is also tailored for adult instruction, separate from our children’s curriculum. Classes are currently offered.


It’s a well-documented fact: Active, healthy children experience greater success at home, in school and through social situations. XS MAD offers custom demos for schools, organizations and groups of any size. On-site presentations, hands-on workshops, seminars and mini-courses can be tailored for your school or workplace to highlight how martial arts pertains to everyday life.
No matter the audience’s age range or desired goals, we can ensure they leave our custom-built workshop with a better grasp on the principles of discipline; conflict resolution, education enrichment + grade improvement; goal setting; social and team-building skills; leadership; and anti-bullying.

Call us at 504-558-9850 or email to discuss how we can help your group.


Imagine a woman yelling “No!,” stomping on the foot of a man who grabbed her from behind — and getting to safety. Imagine a teenage girl being taunted by older boys walking home from school as she assesses that they pose no danger, walking confidently and with awareness, knowing she does not need to yell back to be safe. XS Martial Arts Dojo offers females of all ages the opportunity to learn skills that turn these images into reality.

Our women’s self defense course provides comprehensive training for women interested in learning how to protect themselves. We often find that many wait until an attack has occurred to seek such training. This exclusive curriculum simulates realistic attack-and-escape situations, teaching proven techniques with a strong fitness component to frame the necessary foundation for proactive self-defense.


Through this comprehensive path, future instructors + dojo managers earn Level 1 recognition as taught by world-class martial artists. While intricate and intensive, the program mission is simple: Help worthy martial arts leaders to earn a living and be compensated for teaching what they love.
Our ISP curriculum helps aspiring teachers provide a service that is truly physically, mentally and spiritual enriching — for themselves as well as everyone who enters their studio.

From dojo operations to leading demonstrations, students will be fully immersed during a three-year commitment. Students will teach 30-minute private lessons, train three times per week minimum and fulfill other obligations to solidify their training. To learn more about our instructor trainee coursework, call 504-558-9850 or fill out or contact form.