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SAFETY Rules Due to COVID-19 

To protect all our members and minimize the risk of spreading the virus, we will implement numerous preventive measures listed below

  1. The utilization of face mask will be required for all people inside of the building.
  2. At the Dojo’s entrance we will implement a Temperature Inspection and sanitizing area.
  3. In this station every student’s temperature will be checked before allowing further entry into the Dojo. The temperature must be below 100.4 Fahrenheit degrees.
  4. Multiple touchless hand sanitizing devices are available and required upon entry
  5. We encourage wearing the Gi (Uniforms) before arriving to the Dojo to minimize the traffic in the restroom, but we understand that not everybody can do that.
  6. Only a max of 20 students per class. If it is necessary, we will add additional classes, depending on the number of people.
  7. The current groups will be re-adjusted to balance the number of students in each class. Below is the new schedule indicating the new classes by ranks.
  8. Parents will not be allowed to stay and observe the class.
  9. We will greet each other with virtual “high-fives” and avoid shaking hands or hugs.
  10. We will temporarily stop contact sparring practice until we consider it safe to start again.
  11. A COVID 19 Waiver is required for any student entering the dojo.  Please complete with your child’s information.

We apologize for the inconveniences created by these practices, but they are very important for the protection of all our members and their families

Temporary Class Schedule

StudentsDaysTimes*Class Type**
Beginners (Kids & Adults)M & W5:15p – 6:00pVirtual or In-House (You choose)
Intermediate (Kids & Adults)M & W6:15p – 7:00pVirtual or In-House (You choose)
Little DragonsTu & Th5:30p – 6:00pVirtual or In-House (You choose)
Advance (Kids & Adults)Tu & Th6:15p – 7:00pVirtual or In-House (You choose)
LeadershipSa10:00a – 11:30aVirtual or In-House (You choose)

* Students will need to remain in their parents’ vehicles until 5 minutes before class so we can have time to prepare the dojo to dismiss one class and receive the students.

** Please remember we are limited to the number of students we can serve in-house at one time, so virtual classes will still be an option.