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Kids Program



To foster learning in very young children, you must capture their attention and imagination. This makes martial arts an ideal tool for instilling life skills, as little ones become intrigued by the techniques, eager to imitate the actions of the instructor. Our team leverages this aspect of developmental psychology in executing our unique early-age training model. Young minds learn focus, concentration, respect, and good manners, all accompanied by work on proper martial arts form. This specialized, non-violent preschool programming is exclusively available to daycare facilities.


(7-12 YEARS OLD)

MA-KIBO-KARATE-DO® is a martial arts fighting system created by Sensei Jason B. Horne. Defined as “The Way of Martial Arts through Kickboxing and Karate,” it comprises a combination of Shoto Kan (Japanese Style), Tae Kwon Do (Korean Style), American Freestyle Kickboxing, and Ground Fighting.

Ma-KiBo offers XS Martial Arts Dojo students a variety of tools to defend themselves. It is taught in a non-traditional format, alternating between styles throughout the curriculum — a factor that sets our school apart. Students learn the fierce/hard techniques of the Shoto Kan style; the high kicks and agility of the Tae Kwon Do style; the stamina, constant movement, pound-for-pound techniques of the kickboxer; and the cunning and joint manipulation of the Ground Fighter.

Leadership Training Program (LTP/Team XS)


At XS Martial Arts Dojo, we constantly seek innovative ways to promote the positive values of the martial arts.
True to this mission, Team XS is an elite, performance-based team within our dojo. This allows hard-working students to highlight their skills while showcasing XS MAD’s programming to the broader community. Team XS performs at schools, parades, dojo promotion ceremonies and various public events. Membership is by invitation only.

To join this premier team, a student must:

  • Demonstrate proficiency in all relevant coursework
  • Attend mandatory demo team practices, including a 1.5-hr. leadership class every Saturday
  • Demonstrate spirit and enthusiasm



The KICK Bully Prevention Program is designed to improve peer relations and create safer, more positive school environments for students to learn and develop. This program is available to private, public and charter schools and is most effective for students between 5-15 years of age. The program aims to reduce existing bullying problems while preventing new ones from arising; encourages communication, decision making, and goal setting; and fosters healthy adolescent development via peer relations scenario training.
KICK is not classroom curriculum, but rather a whole-school, results oriented course designed to enact change at four different levels: school-wide, classroom, individual and community. We help children and adults get to the root of the problem through interpersonal communication techniques that focus on discipline and respect in training.

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